The WrongGuys Introduction To The World

In early 2009, The WrongGuys began making music together after being signed to the newly established Dreamlife Productions, by sports mogul Richard Paul. The duo released their debut mixtape, Quality Street Music, in the winter of ’09. It achieved minor success due to poor promotion, but was considered a classic amongst the Cleveland rap scene.

In 2010 Skean and M. Stacks left the struggling label and decided to strike out on their own. By doing so, they were able to perfect their sound. Skean’s street-smart wordplay, and his ability to let his intelligence reflect in his lyrics, mixed with M. Stacks soulful samples, and 808 heavy beats create a sound that hasn’t been heard since the early 90’s.

The group has a grass-roots approach to the music industry that is of-course very slow, but very affective. They understand the importance of being able to touch each fan. They achieve this by making music for the people, and exploring new sounds.


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